Alok Menghrajani

Previously: security engineer at Square, co-author of HackLang, put the 's' in https at Facebook. Maker of CTFs.

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I am an engineer on the infosec team. If you are interested in any aspect of computer security (from hardware/low level stuff to backend infrastructure, writing secure web application or working on Android/iOS) you should really consider talking to our team!

I love working at Square. We are helping people grow their businesses. More important for me, I find my peers to be very altruistic: you can walk up to any engineer and ask them questions or schedule a pair-programming session with them, bounce ideas off each other, etc. I have never seen this kind of healthy engineering culture at any other tech company, we have something special going on.

Square has a strong open source culture and the infosec team has contributed several projects over the years. For example:

Drop me an email if you are interested!


  1. Many other teams at Square are also hiring. If you want to learn more about various teams, your best resource is our career's page. Remember I'm not a recruiter.
  2. Contacting me requires solving a little puzzle. It's a crackme, written in JavaScript.