Toft-2 : November 2000
  • Stars A

    Exercice 2: A triangle of stars using for loops.
  • Stars B

    Exercice 2: A triangle of stars using while loops.
  • Stars C

    Exercice 4: A triangle of stars using a function call.

  • Swap

    Interchanges the values of two variables.
  • Kola

    Reverts a string entry. Eg give it ALOK and it'll display KOLA.
  • Factor

    Factorizes numbers. Eg give it 24 and it'll display 2^2 * 3^1.
  • NE5

    Solves the following maths problem:
    Write down the sixty first numbers (123456789101112....585960) and then remove one hundred digits in such a way that the remaining number is the greatest possible.
  • NE6

    Solves the following maths problem:
    Find the lowest number ending by 6 such that if you move the 6 in front of the number, you get the quadruple of the initial number.
  • Eight Queens

    Solves the famous eight queens on a chess board problem.
  • MasterMind

    Simple text based MasterMind game. (Version 1.2)
  • Solitaire Solver

    A program that will solve the famous solitaire (also known as peg or marbles).
  • Fibonacci A

    Calculates the Fibonacci series. Itirative algorithm.
  • Fibonacci B

    Calculates the Fibonacci series. Recursive algorithm.
  • Knight

    Solves the famous knight on chess board problem.
  • Circle

    A bit like the stars triangle above, but this time I am drawing a circle.
  • Arabic to roman

    Converts arabic numbers to roman. Eg 1981 returns MCMLXXXI.
  • Roman to arabic

    The reverse operation of the above program ; converts roman numbers to arabic. Eg MCMLXXXI returns 1981.
  • Stack

    Illustration of a LIFO (Last In First Out) stack.
  • Egyptian fractions

    Egyptians did not represent fractions as we do. They represented them as sums of 1/n. So instead of 2/3 they used the sum 1/2 + 1/6. This program converts conventional fractions to egyptian fractions.

Alok Menghrajani © 2000