Work in progress...

I'm designing a chess set with the Square logo as the base for the pieces (instead of a circle). I'm doing almost everything in JavaScript, exploring ways to create 3D objects from 2D curves.

The simple case is creating a vase by rotating a curve around an axis. I however think we can do more interesting things, e.g. rotating a curve around another.

I'm also trying to do everything from scratch. I.e. I came up with a way to combine Bezier curves to build solids, convert curves into points, etc.

I used Inkscape to draw the base and profiles. I then imported the Inkscape data as <svg>.

The next step was to build the solid (using custom mathematical functions) and render the output in WebGL.

I used Evan Wallace's CSG library for some parts.

Once I was happy with the result, I used the experimental "save to file" feature in Chrome to save the STL data.

pawn | king | rook | bishop | queen | knight

use your mouse to rotate the piece

-- Alok