Coaching Services

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I coach individuals and companies. After nearly two decades of security engineering at high growth companies, I'm now focused on sharing my knowledge and skills and helping others achieve their dreams. 🥰

Priced very competitively, do reach out to me whether you are a company or an individual contributor. I can help solve specific engineering problems or coach individuals who want to grow their skills! 💪

My past experience includes building sensitive systems at small startups, defense entities, and large companies. For example, I co-invented Hack, Facebook/Meta's typesystem for PHP. I built or maintained various payments related microservices at Square/Block, including an open source cold storage solution. I also consulted for various private banks.  🔒

I'm generally passionate about security engineering, language design, software supply chain security, and cryptography. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to mentor several interns, new hires, and startups. I managed small teams at times. See my blog for more about me.

Interview preparationPro bono I can help prepare for upcoming job interviews by reviewing resumes, doing mock interviews, or just going over some tips.
L3-4$50/h+ As an L3 or L4, you are likely to quickly promote to the next level. My coaching therefore focuses on laying the groundwork for becoming an effective senior engineer.
L5-6$200/h+ Managers are often busy with day-to-day sprint planning, quarter-to-quarter OKR planning, and promotion cycles. As a result, they aren't always able to support their senior engineers' career needs. I can help identify your weaknesses and define strategies to improve upon them.
Small companyEquity or cash I'm especially interested in working together if you need help with Infosec related matters. I can work closely with your engineers or perform reviews with your leads.